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Events in Eugene, Oregon.

With spectacular views and local cultural events, Valley River Inn is your Soul Destination for all things Eugene, Oregon. Whether you plan on attending a basketball game or visiting the Saturday market you will find everything you are looking for in Eugene, Oreogn. Valley River Inn has 40 years of experience providing renowned guest experiences, and warm Pacific Northwest hospitality. As you view the events going on in Eugene, Oregon during your stay please feel free to contact our Concierge Kevin Kelly for any, inquiries about tickets, or recommendations for activities in Eugene, Oregon.

Kevin Kelley
Concierge Manager

Viewing events for September 2014

  • Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona Wildcats

    10/02/2014  thru  10/02/2014

  • Quilting in a Material Whirl

    10/04/2014  thru  10/05/2014

  • Eugene's Annual Clay Fest

    10/10/2014  thru  10/12/2014

  • 11th Annual Fall Middle Eastern Dance Festival

    10/18/2014  thru  10/18/2014

  • A Comedy Concert Featuring Nick Swardson

    10/18/2014  thru  10/18/2014

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