Sweetwaters Take on an Old Time Restaurant Tradition The “Blue Plate Special”

In late April the culinary team at Sweetwaters on the River, located on the banks of the Willamette River, decided that it was time for a change in the menu. After several weeks of hard work and a little culinary inspiration, the team at SweetWaters is excited to unveil our new and improved menus featuring a variety of innovative new dishes.  In addition to long time favorites such as Almond Crusted Pacific Halibut, Clam Fettuccini, and Willamette Valley Mushroom Macaroni and Cheese, Sweetwaters is now pleased to offer a variety of “Blue Plate Specials.” 

The term “Blue Plate Special” has origins in the 1920’s when the term was used to describe a meal consisting of meats and vegetables presented on a single plate, or in a sandwich. Depending upon who you ask the history of the phrase varies. However, most culinary experts agreed that the term first began in the Great Depression, when frozen dinner plates were manufactured in blue containers. The term stuck and soon began to gain traction, and the term eventually expanded to top tier dining establishments offering a constantly rotating alternative at a lower price point than the mainstay menu items.

Executive Chef Michael Thieme and the team at Sweetwaters on the River decided to take this concept and apply their own unique twist with a new “Blue Plate” menu featuring five different sandwiches Monday through Friday including items such as the Chicken Focaccia Sandwich and Grilled Vegetable Panini, each of which is paired with a unique soup. Stop by SweetWaters to see which “Blue Plate Special” you enjoy best! 

Below is the new menu featuring our new “Blue Plate Specials.”

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